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We'll make it another time...

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(Message sent to the registed teams.)

Dear friends of the Big Ball,

We are very sad and sorry to announce the cancellation of the International Junior Open Saint-Brieuc 2020.

The decision was taken in common agreement with the International Kin-Ball Federation and the Fédération Kin-Ball France: due to the ongoing epidemic, the conditions needed to maintain the event were no longer met.

We will contact you shortly to let you know how to repay the advanced amounts.

We must now discuss with the youth of the section of the postponement of this meeting to 2021. We will keep you informed of the decision as soon as possible.

We would also like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us by engaging with us in this project and for the encouragement you have given us.

We hope that the bonds we have begun to forge all around the planet can continue and grow stronger, and we say, “See you soon and be well!”

On April 17, 2020,

The Steering Committee:

Marie, Françoise, Célia, Victor, Filipe, Élie, Hervé

Coronavirus - Communique

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Dear friends,

For the last two weeks we are following the day to day evolution of the coronavirus epidemic. On Thursday evening, March 12, the French government has set up guidelines to limit the spread of the virus as effectively as possible. The Fédération Kin-Ball France has taken similar decisions. These guidelines are evolving, they were reinforced tonight, March 16.

Of course, we can’t say today where things are going in July. The information we receive from countries that were first affected by the epidemic and the results of the strategies they have set up allow us to consider a positive development.

In common agreement with the International Kin-Ball Federation and the Fédération Kin-Ball France, we decided to keep working on the International Junior Open while remaining attentive to the information available. We are giving ourselves a deadline until April 30 to decide to maintdain or not the competition. We won't ask you to pay anything before this date.

We are aware of the difficulty for teams who have to come from far to organise the travel in such conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us!

#WeAreKinball !

The last few minutes...

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We have passed the deadline for registration. Some teams need some time to finalize their regestration but we can already say that a beautiful competition is preparing.

If you think you may have missed an opportunity, contact us as soon as possible: there are some few small possibilities left. Among other things, it is possible to create agreements between clubs with incomplete teams.

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